Does Car Insurance Cover a Blown Engine?

Car insurance generally doesn't cover engine failures unless they are directly related to a covered claim like an accident or other hazard covered by an insurance policy.

Does Car Insurance Cover a Blown Engine?

Car insurance generally doesn't cover engine failures, even if you have full coverage. The exception is if the mechanical problem or the burned engine may be directly related to a covered claim. Motor repairs are generally not covered by car insurance unless they are the direct result of an accident or other hazard covered by the insurance policy. If your vehicle is still relatively new or you have purchased an extended warranty, the manufacturer can pay for repairs in the event of an engine failure or other mechanical breakdown.

Some insurers may offer coverage called mechanical breakdown insurance, which provides coverage for mechanical failures similar to a warranty. Yes, car insurance covers engine explosion, but only if it was caused by a covered scenario, such as an accident or vandalism. For example, if a crash causes the engine to explode, the policyholder's collision insurance will cover repairs, but not if the damage was caused by poor maintenance, negligence, or wear and tear. It's also worth noting that comprehensive coverage and collision are optional under state laws, so be sure to review the details of your coverage to see if your policy applies to the situation.

A typical car insurance policy only covers repairs to your vehicle if they are related to some type of accident. A broken engine will rarely be covered by ordinary car insurance. The only time car insurance covers damage to the engine is if your engine was damaged during an accident or some other insurable event, such as a tree falling on the hood of your vehicle and causing damage to the engine. Will insurance cover damage to the engine? Unfortunately, insurance cannot pay for all damage to your vehicle.

Cars are expensive to own and maintain, and a sudden mechanical failure may prevent your car from being driven. Will car insurance cover a broken engine in any situation? Regardless of the company, insurance will not cover a broken engine. Motor coverage may be available if you take out mechanical breakdown insurance. As you can see, none of the four common car policies mentioned above specifically cover engine failures.

If a covered event, such as an explosion, damages your engine and causes engine failure, your policy may cover damage to your engine, especially if you can link engine failures to the covered event, in this case, an explosion. The same goes for collision coverage. That is, if your car has engine failures after a collision event, you can file a collision insurance claim for engine failure. Again, to receive compensation, the covered event must be directly responsible for engine failures.

More specifically, the adjuster will need to see the repair and maintenance records for your car, so you should always have them handy. One of those events discovered is a burned engine. Normally, full coverage insurance does not cover engine failures because standard policies do not include mechanical breakdowns. If you have the standard package of products with full coverage insurance, you won't have to pay for engine repairs out of pocket.

After a claim is reported, the insurer will investigate to confirm the damage and ensure that it matches the facts of the loss. If the engine was defective before the accident, making a claim to repair the problem after the accident may constitute car insurance fraud. Stranded on the side of the road with your mobile phone in hand and making a call to AAA because your car's engine burned out? Insurance fraud involving bogus accidents will generally cause companies to deny you coverage and you can also receive a fine and face a prison sentence. A GAP insurance policy is optional car insurance coverage that helps repay your car loan if your car is total or stolen and you owe more than its depreciated value.

Does not provide coverage for engine failure, normal wear and tear or other mechanical problems with your vehicle. So does my car insurance cover damage caused by potholes? According to Insurance Information Institute (III), collision coverage is likely to pay for damage caused by any unforeseen crash with a pothole.

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